About Me

MeMe Collier Headshot

MeMe Collier was born in Nanchang, China, where she was adopted at ten months old. She is a rising senior in high school and will be the editor of The Artisan, her school’s literary magazine, next year. She has been writing and drawing since the age of three, and she lives in Alabama with her mother, grandparents, and toy poodle.

A Note From Me:
I write poetry, short stories, nonfiction, and fiction. I do sketches in pencil or pen and paint with acrylics (although I personally think that I am a lot better at drawing than painting!). I have received awards at various writing contests, including Alabama Writers Forum, Association of Christian Schools International, UAB Dragon Tales Contest and, most recently, my short story “The Fairy Jar” will be published in the Wonderstruck anthology by Clean Teen Publishing. I am also interested in graphic and magazine design, as The Artisan is a professional-style magazine that features writing, art, and photography from students of my school. Most of all, I aspire to be an author of published novels one day. In the meantime, everyone has to start somewhere.
I’m not sure whose works you would compare my writing to; I don’t mean it in an arrogant way, but I personally have not read anything that is like the majority of my writing, at least in the way of content. For example, the novel I’ve finished and am currently editing is about the dream world. It has some romance, but that is not the focus; the driving force of the plot is the characters coming to terms with their pasts so that they can continue their lives into the future. Although I write mainly for a young adult audience, my style of writing is probably more on an adult reading level. Let’s put it this way: most of my stories revolve around teens and/or young adults, but hopefully, the writing itself isn’t shallow or dumbed-down. That’s my goal as an author.


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