Why I Write

Last night, my grandmother suggested that I be a screenwriter. Yeah, that’s cool, and there are times I’ve wondered what it would be like to write for a movie or television series rather than a novel, but—and don’t take this in a petty way—screen writers get no credit. Outside of the entertainment industry, few know their names with the exception of guys like Steven King, but that’s because he writes novels. The people  we remember are the actors and occasionally the directors. With books, though, the majority of readers will pick one up, and if they like it, they’ll look up the author to see what else they’ve written. Those that I like to call “true readers” will form an emotional bond with the book if it’s good, and in a way, that bond extends to the author–the driving, creative force behind the novel. My grandmother then pointed out that a lot of readers just read for pleasure and don’t care who wrote the book, but I countered her by saying that if it were my book, that would be fine with me. However, I don’t really write for them. They’d help further my career, which I definitely appreciate, but they’re not my intended audience. I write for those who read a book and connect with it, who care about what’s behind the words–what they mean and stand for. I want to reach out to them while staying true to my own vision. Art for art’s sake, the Aesthetes say. Not to make money or fame, but to simply create a thing that lives and breathes beauty. To a degree, that is me. Even if I don’t become famous or make any money, I will continue to write, because it is a great part of who I am. However, I’m not wholly satisfied with just that. I still strive, still aspire to something more—but not just for myself, not really. I want to touch people’s lives. I want to make them see what I see and feel what I feel. I want to create entire worlds and share them with this one. I truly believe that imagination is the key to all kingdoms; because of it, there are always new worlds to explore, new doors to open, new dreams to dream. Besides my own personal passion and enjoyment, this is what keeps my mind moving and my fingers typing. This is why I write. 


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